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Big Fish

The Big Fish is a movie produced in the beginning of the 2000’s but has been quite popular ever since. It’s about a father who at times may exaggerate the truth having to do with how he grew up and who he met, but many things were actually quite truthful we find out in the end. Instead of doing a review of the movie, I want to write a brief blog post on how the movie made me feel especially during the end. The entire movie I couldn’t decide how I felt about the actors; William because he seemed so stubborn and rude to his father who is clearly very ill, and Edward who exaggerates things which I’m sure can be very irritating to hear all the time. Throughout the movie all you see is William just doubting his father time after time again which was upsetting to see because his father was dying, and if exaggerating is something that REALLY makes him happy, then let the man do it! But also, Edward.. stop exaggerating as much and stop telling the same old stories if you know it can be bothersome! Fine line to decipher who was in the wrong. But specifically in the one of the last scenes when Edward was on his death bed and William decided to stay the night, was when I decided I was a fan of both the actors, and the movie as a whole. You have two people that really care about each other bonding for the first time in what seems like the whole movie and it was really touching. Although William wasn’t a fan of the stories, he listened, and he made one up as well- to see his dad go away happy. And the final scene where you see all these “crazy” people that he had mentioned at the funeral. William didn’t think the majority of them existed, so to see his face when they each got out of the car was a site to see! But it didn’t feel like a “in your face” type thing, you kind of just smiled because you could feel the happiness all around. I really enjoyed this movie!

Elizabeth Henty